TRM Global aim to become the chemical distribution partner of choice for manufacturers all over the world. Our customers’ interests and reputations are our highest priority. We work to protect them by our own continuous improvement.

We continually work to identify new products and sources as part of our commitment to bring innovation to our entire customer network. We give flexibility, reliability and professionalism needed to fuel growth and market expansion.

Our mission is to leverage our expertise, infrastructure, and contact network in order to help our clients succeed, after all.

Our Quality Policy

Adding value to the operated sector by understanding all needs of our customers and constantly enhancing the processes and our performance and producing high quality innovative products fulfilling or exceeding our customers’ expectations, is the mutual objective and responsibility of each TRM Global employee.

Within this scope, our quality policy,

  • Consists of determining and evaluating customer needs and complaints in compliance with locally and internationally accepted standards, using high quality standards, to provide higher quality products and services with lower costs.
  • Accommodation to today’s fast moving and growing competition conditions within the codes of conduct to assure defect-free and same quality production and on-time delivery to enhance customer satisfaction,
    With reference to the perception that the basic rule of customer satisfaction is only possible with quality input procurement, we encourage our suppliers to enhance their quality level.
  • Increasing productivity of our employees and to provide career development and quality enhancement to ensure their active contribution to the operation of the system by means of internal and external trainings.